Main Floor

Sitting on the ground level of The Grand, the Main floor suites offer convenient access to the kitchen, living area, and aquarium room. You'll also have the staff of The Grand within a few hundred feet.  Residents on the middle floor are also near The Grand's private family dining room where all can safely and quietly meet with loved ones.

Suite 101

suite 101.jpg
suite 101 outside view.jpg
suite 101 kitchenette (2).jpg


  • Cut out ceilings

  • Full fire place

  • Small step out balcony overlooks front 

  • Longer sink

  • Larger TV

Square Footage: 418

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Suite 102

entrance 102.jpg
suite 102 closet.jpg
suite 102 fireplace.jpg


  • Access to large shared patio

  • Large walk in closet

  • Blue/white carpet

Square Footage: 347

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Suite 103

suite 103.jpg
suite 103 closet.jpg
suite 103 step out.jpg


  • Ceiling block cut outs

  • Views of the front of the building and holladay blvd

  • Blue/white carpet

Square Footage: 468

Suite 104

suite 104.jpg
suite 104 entrance.jpg
suite 104 kitchenette.jpg


  • Ceiling block cut-outs

  • Minimal design for ultimate comfort

  • Close to amenities

Square Footage: 275

Suite 105

suite 214.jpg
suite 214 bathroom.1.jpg
suite 214 (3).jpg


  • Next to front gathering area for you and loved ones to visit

  • Easy access to the kitchen

Square Footage: 316

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